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About us

We are business communications professionals. We listen to You and identify areas where we can help.

We believe our extensive experience and expertise offer a good foundation for our co-operation. We can guarantee excellent service.

Regardless of your current situation and system Esecom can provide you with suitable business communications solutions. We ensure flexible deployment and migration.

Esecom offers both cloud and on premise solutions. You can select the right choice for you.

Also our cloud solutions allow for customizations and integrations.

We do solution design and implementation according to your needs. You get to influence the configuration, so that our service is suitable for your use.

Esecom provides you with strong support and development path for the future.

We are operator independent. Actually Esecom co-operates with every major Finnish operator and we have many international partners as well.

Our customers include large and small organizations from private and public sector.

Esecom is Mitel certified sales, service and training partner.

What kind of challenge You would like us to solve?